Business Advisory services and Consulting

CSR Reviews – Helps in integrating your social & environmental initiatives with your business strategies;

  • Social & Environmental (S&E) Due Diligence – Helps identify potential social & environmental risks that can impact your deal

  • Vendor Monitoring – Ensures your code of conduct is understood & implemented across the supply chain

  • End-use Monitoring – Gives you comfort regarding effective/intended utilization of funds disbursed for development

  • Specific Studies – Designed to research social & environmental issues and problems impacting your business

  • Ethics & Integrity (E&I) Services – Helps you develop/revamp & internalize your code of conduct/whistleblower policy

Business strategy & Planning advisory:

  • Concept/Idea validation
  • Market study / Industry assessments
  • Vision / Mission – Creating/Devising/Re Working
  • Location advisory
  • Business plan Creation / Validation
  • Investment docket preparation
  • Feasibility study
  • Growth strategies
  • Investment strategy
  • Joint venture planning
  • Strategic alliance
  • Distribution alliance
  • Competition assessment
  • Exit strategy

Organizational (HR) advisory:

  • Organization Structuring / restructuring
  • Recruitment strategy
  • Balanced scorecard creation & KRA development
  • Performance management & measurement system
  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Career management system
  • Fixed & variable compensation planning
  • Long term incentives (e.g. ESOPs)
  • HR policies and procedures development

Global sourcing advisory:

  • Business case development
  • Location selection
  • Operating model melection
  • Process profiling / cost-benefit analysis
  • Acculturation
  • People strategy

Government Advisory:

  • Policy interventions – Policy formulation
  • Industry scan
  • Industry benchmarking / Best practices

IT advisory


Information technology certainly provides cutting – edge to business operations. However, an absence of sound IT management practices could deeply impact a business. Taking adequate measures to ensure security and availability of IT systems and keeping them updated in light of ever increasing challenges is not only desirable but necessary.

For all its benefits, IT brings great complexity which many companies struggle to manage. With our below mentioned range of services, we help you create and sustain a robust and secure IT environment that aligns with your business goals.

IT security

  • Information security management system (ISMS) implementation
  • IT vulnerability assessment
  • third party information security review
  • software asset management review
  • development of security policies

ERP assistance

  • package / vendor selection
  • project management
  • pre/post Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation review

IT strategy & planning

  • review / assistance in development of IT strategy / blue prints
  • application development planning
  • IT due diligence review
  • design / review of enterprise architecture
  • development and assessment of Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)