Business Risk Advisory

Internal audit

The ever increasing requirement for organizations to adopt and demonstrate good corporate governance practices is forcing a change in approach to control assessment in order to fulfill both compliance and operational demands. Using a risk-based approach, a skilled Internal Audit function can provide the necessary focus to co-ordinate an organisation’s response to these new demands.

For many organisations, the range of skills needed to address wider strategic and operational risks associated with Supply Chain, Sales, Procurement, Treasury and IT system, is simply too wide to be found in a small team.

Fulfilling modern expectations of Internal Audit will most inevitably result in an imbalance between resource and internal expertise. Through the delivery of solutions geared to meeting your needs, of fully outsourced, joint sourced, peer review or internal audit advisory services, we can reduce this imbalance.

Our methodology is designed to support your needs at any stage, whether it involves setting up and delivering an entire Internal Audit function or building on work already performed and providing the resource to complete the strategic audit plan you may already have in place.

Performance enhancement

As companies change their methods or resources over time, operations often become out-of-sync and less efficient, leading to wasted time, energy and materials, as well as a loss of revenues.

Our performance enhancement services include the following:

  • business process improvement
  • supply chain improvement
  • working capital optimization

Our service is focused on improving revenue, profits, working capital and customer satisfaction for our clients

Standard operating procedures

Companies today are growing at exceptional rates, especially in developing economies, and this poses a number of challenges related to multi-location presence, diverse organization structure across locations, absence of comprehensive authority level matrix, stand-alone accounting and other systems all of which result in diverse practices and processes. Standardization of operations across offices, manufacturing units and service centers is important both from an internal efficiency as well as external customer satisfaction perspective.

Our services focus on various tiers on standardization of business that help you decide what level your Company is ready for and also allow you to plan a phased approach to business process standardization. Our services include:

  • SOP development
  • SOP validation
  • designing authority level matrix